Customs Procedures, Duty Suspensions and AEO

In a supply chain, however complex, import duty should only be paid once and even then importers can potentially legally delay, reduce or remove liability for import duty and other taxes.


Customs Procedures are essential to ensure duty is only paid once in a supply chain:

      • Customs Warehousing}
      • IPR (Inward Processing Relief)
      • OPR (Outward Processing Relief)
      • PCC (Processing under Customs Control)

Duty Suspensions can provide duty free access for your raw materials not available in the EU. There are two applications per year.


Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) – This “badge” allows businesses to show that they meet certain standards of Customs competence and security and is beneficial in applying for the Customs procedures above. There has been relatively little uptake in the UK so far but AEO is becoming more popular as more benefits are forthcoming.

Talk to us about what help we can provide at all stages of feasibility/readiness assessment, application process, implementation and on-going management as required for all of the above.