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 About Us 

  • Trade Flow Customs Consultancy Ltd was founded by Director Gavin Roberts in 2014.

  • Gavin has over 20 years of experience in the sector and, after a successful 4 year period working in the field for a Tier 1 transnational, saw a gap in the market for a smaller, independent and client focussed customs consultancy.

  • Trade Flow Customs Consultancy Ltd was therefore founded as an independent customs consultancy dedicated to reducing clients’ importation costs and providing them with the company's trademark personal service.

  • This is done through the minimisation of import duty payments and recovery of overpaid import duty whilst ensuring legal compliance and keeping in touch with you throughout the process.

  • We would love to see how we can help; an initial meeting is completely free, as potentially are our industry-leading Opportunity and Optimisation Reviews.

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